Katsation's Leroy of Purring Army
~ Blue Point Himalayan Male ~ d.o.b. May 7, 2005 ~
~ br: Sue Dahlstrom ~ ow: Aljona Bukalova ~
Sunshine SupermanS
cream point
GC Mistekatz
Showed Up In Boots
seal point
GC Careyata's
Starstruck of Mistekatz
flame point
GC Careyata's Commotion of Juky, seal point
CH Careyata's Truffle, tortie point
Mistakatz Snowflake
cooper-eyed white cpc
GC Karabel's Sinatra of Mistekatz, blue point
Mistekatz Spritzer, cooper-eyed white
GCBy Day Molly Maguire
of Mistekatz
red mc tabby cpc
CH Ma & Paws Moses of By Day
GC Bolo's Firecracker, red tabby
GC Bolo's Eve of D-Purfekat, dilute calico
CH Tallin's Yvonne
of By Day
blue cream point
Van Grebst blaa of Tallin, blue point
CH Furrshurr's Minuet of Tallin, blue cream point
CH Katsation's
CH Katsation's
flame point
CH Katsation's Kurrent Affair
flame point
CH Sunval Keepsake of Katsation, blue point
Karabel's Rosy Tomorrows, tortoiseshell cpc
Katsation Kharisma
flame point
CH Reina's Fuego of Katsation, flame point
Kankantessa of katsation, tortoiseshell cpc
CH Katsation
Kisses Sweter Than Wine
tortie point
CH Sunval Keepsake of Katsation
blue point
CH Sunval's Velvet Sneakers, chocolate point
Sunval's Glitter, blue point
Katsation's Karenlee
red cpc
Katsation's Kandoo, flame point
Kountrylovin's Karen of Katsation, tortoiseshell
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