Purring Army Dream Quest
~ Flame Point Himalayan Female ~ Reg. #....-....... ~
~ d.o.b. ..... ~ br/ow: Aljona Bukalova ~
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Purring Army

flame point
Katsation's Leroy
of Purring Army

blue point
GC Mistekatz Sunshine Superman
cream point
GC Mistekatz Showed Up In Boots, seal point
GC By Day Molly Maguire of Mistekatz, red mctabby
CH Katsation's Keesha
CH Katsation's Kris-T-Fur, flame point
CH Katsation Kisses Sweter Than Wine, tortie point
CH Ever-Top Candelight
of Purring Army

flame point
CH Purring Army Swift of Ever-Top
flame point
CH (CFA,ACFA) Katsation's Krooner of Purring Army, blue point
CH Purring Army Amanda, tortoiseshell
CH (WCF) Purring Army Arlessi of Ever-Top
blue-cream point
CH Prancenpaws Winner, cream point
CH Suliko's Diana Charming of Purring Army, seal point
CH Purring Army
Dream Come True

cream point
CH Prancenpaws

GC,RW Prancenpaws Booster Shot, DM
CH Frenchgreek Right Shot of Twinshire, blue-point
Prancenpaws Ivy, cream
CH Prancenpaws
Promises! Promises!
CH Agonistes Slite Tremor, blue
GC Lotsapurr Rose Roxce of Prancenpaws, cream-point
CH Karabel's Firefly
of Purring Army

red tabby
GC, NW Katsation Bittersweet of Karabel, DM
CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation, blue-point
Katsation's Karenlee, red CPC
Careyata's Fruitcake of Karabel
CH Canuck's Yo-Yo, cream tabby
Karabel's Lucky Charm of Careyata, DM, seal-point
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