CH Ever-Top Candelight of Purring Army
~ Flame Point Himalayan Female ~ CFA Reg.#3279-1457473 ~
~ d.o.b. October 15, 2002 ~ br: Haritonova ~ ow: Aljona Bukalova ~
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CH (CFA) ECH (WCF) Purring Army
Swift of Ever-Top

Katsation's Krooner
of Purring army

CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation
CH Sunval's Velvet Sneakers, chocolate-point
Sunval's Glitter, blue-point
Karabel's Rosy Tomorrows of Katsation
CH Midas Sweet Dreams of Karabel, cream
CH Careyata's Chelsea of Karabel, seal-point
CH Purring Army
tortoiseshell, CPC
CH Prancenpaws Winner
GC,RW Prancenpaws Booster Shot, DM, cream-point
CH Prancenpaws Promises! Promises!, blue-cream-point
CH Purring Army Black Rose
CH Bellakitty's Majie Noire, black
CAC Klosterneuburgi Betty, tortoiseshell
CH (WCF) Purring Army
Arlessi of Ever-Top
blue cream point
CH Prancenpaws Winner
cream point
GC,RW Prancenpaws Booster Shot, DM
cream point
CH Frenchgreek Right Shot of Twinshire, blue point
Prancenpaws Ivy, cream cpc
CH Prancenpaws Promises! Promises!
blue cream point
CHAgonistes Slite Tremor, blue cpc
GCLotsapur Rose Roxce of Prancenpaws, cream point
CH Suliko's Diana Charming
of Purring Army

seal point
GC Purringwoods Tsesarevich Elisey
seal point
Sandilair's Romancer, blue point
GC Purringwoods Hurricane Hanna, seal point
CH Arabella Karo of Suliko
blue cream point
CH Franklina Flaffy Charming, blue point
Esko Boleyn, blue cream point
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