GC Purring Army Barocco
~ Flame Point Himalayan Male ~ CFA Reg.#3278-1611764 ~
~ d.o.b. February 13, 2007 ~ br/ow: Aljona Bukalova ~
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Katsation's Leroy
of Purring Army

blue point
GC Mistekatz
Sunshine SupermanS
cream point
GC Mistekatz Showed Up In Boots
seal point
GC Careyata's Starstruck of Mistekatz, flame point
Mistakatz Snowflake, copper-eyed white
GC By Day Molly Maguire of Mistekatz
red mctabby
CH Ma & Paws Moses of By Day, red
CH Tallin's Yvonne of By Day, blue-cream point
CH Katsation's Keesha
CH Katsation's Kris-T-Fur
flame point
CH Katsation's Kurrent Affair, flame point
Katsation Kharisma, flame point
CH Katsation Kisses Sweter Than Wine
tortie point
CH Sunval Keepsake of Katsation, blue point
Katsation's Karenlee, red
CH Ever-Top Candelight
of Purring Army

flame point
CH Purring Army Swift
of Ever-Top

flame point
CH (CFA, ACFA) Katsation's Krooner
of Purring army

blue point
CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation, blue point
Karabel's Rosy Tomorrows of Katsation
CH Purring Army Amanda
CH Prancenpaws Winner, cream point
CH Purring Army Black Rose, black
CH (WCF) Purring Army
Arlessi of Ever-Top
blue-cream point
CH Prancenpaws Winner
cream point
GC,RW Prancenpaws Booster Shot, DM, cream point
CH Prancenpaws Promises! Promises!, blue-cream point
CH Suliko's Diana Charming
of Purring Army

seal point
CH Purringwoods Tsesarevich Elisey, seal point
CH Arabella Karo of Suliko, blue cream point
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